Up to 1K foreign instructors not allowed into Belarus, Interior Minister says

Interior Minister Yury Karayeu claims that there is nothing wrong with a warning to use military weapons, since there is “a war going on” against the police. He stated this in an interview on ATN.

“Up to a thousand foreign citizens tried to enter the territory of Belarus. The SBC is great at stopping this flow. We see isolated cases of the presence of instructors. They communicate through telegram channels, write to each other and organize “gangs of New York”, which are trying to affect us, traffic lights, Tabakerka kiosks. Those are homegrown specialists, the Stump gang, as I call them. We easily find and neutralize them — they are novice terrorists. I would like it to be actively covered: with regard to them, there will be no investigation secret or tact,” he said.

According to Karayeu, there is nothing wrong with the preliminary statement of his first deputy Henadz Kazakevich about his readiness to use lethals.

“Nobody said that it would be applied indiscriminately and against peaceful protesters. What if a person attacks a police officer? Naturally, they must be stopped with all the available arsenal.” […]The policeman was almost killed, and only then he shoots warning shots into the air. Why is that? They tell me that so far our policemen were not ready to kill their fellow villager, fellow countryman, inhabitant of their district. So for 26 years of our life, we have only been ready to be humane. This played a cruel joke. Now the situation has changed – there is a war. Are we still swinging? I tell every district policeman: your life, the future of your children and the happiness of your wife depends on how quickly you drew your weapon and determined that you were already being killed but you were still trying to persuade them. Numerous examples. Thank God they are afraid to do this with the riot police. For some reason, the citizens have the opinion that jokes with the riot police end badly, but with ordinary police officers you can misbehave. This will be stopped as hard as the riot police do it,” the minister stressed.