Unmasking Douma attack ‘conspiracy’: Russian propaganda’s hilarious blooper


To whitewash the army of Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s state-run TV stations Channel 1 and Rossiya 1 used some footage of a two-year-old docudrama. The material served as the ‘confirmation’ of the Kremlin narrative about the chemical attack in Syria’s Douma on April, 7.

The selected footage does show allegedly dead people lying in the streets and cameramen working next to them. From time to time, ‘victims’ smile and talk to each other.

According to the Kremlin-controlled journalists, the West faked the Douma story and sold it to its citizens.

“Western politicians and media outlets do ignore the obvious evidence that there was no chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. A day earlier, testimony of witnesses appeared. They also say that the footage filmed by the militants was nothing but staging,” a Russian TV commentator says.

Even president Vladimir Putin explained what this ‘theatre’ was aimed at. He stated that Washington had faked the chemical attack in order to be absolutely justified in their assaulting Assad’s positions. The strike was launched by the air forces of the USA, Great Britain and Frances in mid April.

However, the pictures used by the Kremlin mouthpieces turn out to have come from a movie set to the film made by Syrian director Humam Husari in 2016, the independent TV channel Dozhd (Rain) reports.

The docudrama deals with another chemical attack which occurred in the Syrian city of Ghouta in August, 2013.


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