University students seek protection from potential power abuse

Students of the chemical faculty of BSU have asked the blogger Anton Matolka to circulate information about pressure from the Deputy Dean for educational work, Human Rights Center ‘Viasna’ reports.

Blogger Matolka has posted the message from students on his Twitter.

The students also attached screenshots of the message sent by Zhanna Tsabkala. There are specified dates that cover the entire week of voting – from early voting until the election day.

Anton Matolka asked Ms Tsabkala for clarification, and she explained that the faculty thus “verified the data on who will be absent in Minsk during this period.”

“Why are you looking for pitfalls where there are none,” she said.

As representatives of the campaign “Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections” noted, “pitfalls” are that the staff of higher education institutions are not vested with the functions of the electoral process organization, and the actions of Zhanna Tsabkala look like activities to ensure turnout.

Human rights activists point out to both students and the university administration the fact that the right to vote is the sole right of voters, no one has the right to control where, when and how they would vote.

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