Belarus authorities keep bearing pressure on Kastus Zhukouski

Major Mikalai Nikanchik, a police officer from Naroulya, phoned freelance journalist Kastus Zhukouski and gave him a warning about ‘bringing to justice’.

“According to Naroulya executive committee, you posted your story [about the incident] on the Internet and so on. They asked to consider your holding liable under article 22. 9 (violation of the law on media),” he said.

The local authorities are keeping an eye on Zhukouski after Natallya Koval, the first deputy chair of Naroulya executive committee, attempted to… hit his colleague Alyaksei Atroshchanka with her car.

Although Kastus Zhukouski immediately called the police, but the officers did not know what to do. By now, they must have decided to deflect the blame on the Belsat TV contributor.

Heavy fines have been repeatedly imposed on Kastus Zhukouski for his contribution to Belsat TV. This year, Zhukouski has already been fined 7 times. Protesting against unfair decisions, he even sewed his mouth.

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