Ukrainian MPs inform PACE, Council of Europe of Belarus’ keeping them out of country

Belarus is barring Ukrainian MPs from entering its territory, the Foreign Affairs Committee of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada said in their appeal to PACE and the Secretary General of Council of Europe.

According to the Ukrainian side, Belarus is introducing restrictions on travelling along its territory for Ukrainian MPs and PACE members, in particular, Igor Guz, the deputy head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Irina Gerashchenko, a deputy chairman of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada.

Such a step hardly corresponds to democratic traditions, given that Belarus is starting to voluntarily restore relations with the PACE, the Ukrainian deputies believe.

In late April Igor Guz was denied entry to Belarus. As a reason for the denial, the Belarusian border guards referred to the request made by ‘Russian colleagues’ from ‘relevant authorities’. Mr Gus planned to meet with the families of the Belarusian volunteer fighters in Donbas and participate in the press conference ‘Belarus and Ukraine in the face of losing independence’.

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