Ukrainian MP urges Ukraine to prepare for potential occupation of Belarus

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Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Guz suggested that the Ukrainian special services, together with Belarusian activists, prepare a “network of patriotic structures” in Belarus in case of occupation by Russia takes place. He stated this at a briefing in Kyiv.

Guz considers it necessary to strengthen the defense capacity of the border with Belarus. Already now it is necessary to begin consultations of representatives of the Ukrainian special services and Belarusian activists on the deployment of a “network of patriotic structures” in Belarus in case of occupation by Russia.

Guz noted that Belarusian volunteers who fought for Ukraine could become the backbone of the structures that will defend the independence of Belarus. The deputy considers it necessary to create a separate military unit in the Ukrainian army, which would consist of Belarusians.

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Guz is sure that official Kyiv should reconsider the strategy of behavior with Belarus. In his opinion, today it is necessary to strengthen the Ukrainian diplomatic corps in Belarus, to form a positive image of Ukraine among Belarusians through a more active exchange of delegations and the implementation of cultural programs. There should also be strengthening of the information policy of Ukraine in Belarus.

The deputy says that Ukraine should think and work ahead and prepare for a possible occupation of Belarus right now. “At any moment the situation may escalate — there may be an attack by the Kremlin on Belarus,” said Guz.

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