Ukraine deports Belarusian journalist for ‘anti-Ukrainian propaganda’

Павел Карназыцкі. Фота з сацыяльных сетак

The Security Service of Ukraine reported the deportation of a Belarusian citizen Pavel Karnazytsky. He is accused of spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda and fake news.

“Special services operatives found out that a foreigner living in Ukraine illegally, publicly disseminated fake information. In particular, during speeches on some television channels, he questioned the internationally recognized evidence of the presence of the aggressor country troops in the temporarily occupied territories of our country. Also, P. Karnazytsky repeatedly published anti-Ukrainian materials on media resources controlled by the terrorist organizations “DPR” and “LPR”,” the SBU reports.

On January 2, 2019, Karnazytsky was forcibly returned to Belarus with a ban on entry into Ukraine for a period of 3 years.

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Hrytsak, said that after the introduction of restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens into Ukraine, “Russian special services are increasingly attracting foreigners to the provocations.”

Meanwhile, his lawyer Andrei Damansky claims that Karnazytsky had left Belarus because of political persecution of him as a journalist, and had lived in Ukraine since the late 90s.

Я дозвонился к моему клиенту Павел Альфредович Карназыцкий, что бы уточнить где его содержат, так как по моей информации…

Publiée par Andriy Domanskyy sur Mercredi 2 janvier 2019

43-year-old Pavel Karnazytsky is known for numerous publications in the Ukrainian and Russian media. He is the founder of the portal GlavNovosti. In his materials he harshly criticized the Ukrainian authorities, questioned the Russian aggression against Ukraine, called the war in the Donbas civil. He calls himself a “patriot of Ukrainian Russia”.

In the late 90s he was an opposition activist. Some acquaintances of Karnazytsky from democratic forces publicly accused him of working for the KGB.

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