Ukraine responds to Russia’s embargo

A new, trade, war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine.

The resolution of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to impose an embargo on Russian products and other goods – a mirror response of Russia, which imposed an embargo on Ukrainian goods and products, has come into effect.

The restrictions will apply until August 5, 2016 or until the lifting of the ban on the import of Ukraine’s good’s into the customs territory of Russia.

The list of prohibited for import supplies includes meat, tea, coffee, confectionery, as well as alcohol and cigarettes.

On January 1, Russia officially introduced the food embargo directed against the two countries – Ukraine and Turkey. Since 2014, Russia has had an embargo on foodstuffs from the European Union, the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway – that was a response to Western sanctions after the capture of Crimea.

The majority of Russian shops are still selling delicacies, though: now they get there through Belarus. For example, Norwegian salmon gets processed at our fish factories – as a result, the customs code 0302 is changed to 0305 and sold in Russia.

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