Ukraine is just the beginning: Russia may open new fronts including Belarusian – Putin’s ex-aide

Andrei Illarionov, a political scientist and Vladimir Putin’s former advisor, says Russia may open a front in Belarus.

According to the expert, if the so-called Islamic spring starts in Europe it may face a long and hard war. In this case Europe will focus on its own problems and be unable to pay any attention to Ukraine and help it. It is connected with radical Islamists’ terrorism, Andrei Illarionov told Ukraine’s in Kyiv.

Illarionov called it “the opening of a new front [in Europe – Belsat] in order to weaken assistance to Ukraine”.

“The war will be long and grave.The aggressor deliberately planned and prepared the operation. Ukraine is one of the first fronts but it is not the last one. Unfortunately, we are likely to witness opening new fronts,” Andrei Illarionov said. He mentioned the Belarusian, Baltic, Kazakhstani, Georgian and even Russian fronts.

“This is not a mock battle, but a major and serious war. About 5,000 have already fallen victim to it, and the death toll may rise,” he stressed.

Ukraine and Russia’s progressive forces have no right to lose this war, the political scientist said.

“The war can be won only when Russia becomes a free democratic state,” Illarionov added.

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