Ukraine imposes special regime in Donbas

The commanders of the Ukrainian joint forces that are conducting the operation in Donbas have introduced a special “yellow” regime. This information is posted on the EP headquarters’ Facebook page.

From the moment of the operation, as indicated in the statement, from October 28, the stay and movement of people in the area of the operation is allowed only in the presence of documents confirming the identity.

Soldiers and law enforcement officers have the right to check documents, to detain suspicious persons or people without documents. In addition, servicemen can carry out a personal search of a person, a car, and enter the house unhindered. If necessary, they can use weapons and means of restraint.

In turn, citizens who do not take part in the operation are not allowed to use weapons, take photographs and record video, private air travel and use of walkie-talkies in cars are prohibited.

Reasons for the introduction of the special regime, as well as its duration, are not specified.

The official Kyiv has drafted a law on the special status of Donbas. Its new version is to come into force in 2020. In addition, Ukraine has agreed to The Steinmeier Formula for Donbas.

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