Ukraine has information about murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet

Back in December 2020, the National Police of Ukraine, with the help of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, received information that could help find those who ordered the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet.

A press release from the National Police was circulated after the Belarusian People’s Tribunal published an audio recording of the meeting that took place on April 11, 2012, probably in the office of the KGB chairman. During the conversation, a man with a voice similar to that of the then head of the KGB, Vadzim Zaitsau, discusses with representatives of the “Alpha” special force operations against opponents of the Alyaksandr Lukashenka regime abroad. The possible liquidation of Pavel Sheremet is also being discussed.

According to the National Police, documents and audio recordings, the last of which are dated 2012, have already been provided to the investigation and are of interest from the point of view of the search for those who ordered the murder.

“Pieces of information available to the investigation of the National Police have been published on the Internet. In the published records, unknown persons discuss the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. In particular, the option of poisoning him with the use of toxic substances or the use of explosives, was emphasized. At the moment, the investigation of the National Police has received permission to conduct investigative actions in one of the European countries. In addition, the person responsible for the transmitted information was invited to carry out the necessary investigative actions,” the National Police said.

Pavel Sheremet was killed on July 20, 2016 in the center of Kyiv. A bomb went off in his car. In December 2019, Ukrainian law enforcement officers first named the suspects in the murder of Sheremet: they are Special Operations Forces sergeant Andrey Antonenko, military medic Yana Dugar, and volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko. They declare no involvement in the murder.

Among other versions of Sheremet’s murder, the “Belarusian trace” was also discussed. Co-author of the investigation into the murder of Pavel Sheremet, journalist of the project Slidstvo.Info Anna Babinets previously told Belsat that, according to unconfirmed information, the woman who planted explosives in Sheremet’s car could have come to Ukraine from Belarus.