UK promises assistance to Belsat TV. What now?

The Kremlin’s massive information attack seems to have shocked the political communities if the U.S and in Europe. A proper response to its propaganda has not yet been found.

But now it is time for a change. The UK and Poland are developing a joint plan on countering information and cyber warfare, and Belsat will also be of use in the project.

New projects in the field of communication are on the cards, but the sides did not go into detail at Thursday’s press conference.

How many of them will be of the nature – the details on hand enough laconic press conference has not yet shared.

“We are both deeply concerned by Russia’s attempts to weaponize information. The Kremlin is seeking to undermine the international rules-based system and it will not succeed,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said.

Part of £5 mln will go to Belsat

The UK will provide £5m for the project, with Poland expected to contribute a similar amount. The British government recognizes that our channel provides Belarusians with reliable and unbiased information.

“Of course, we do not know how much of this amount of money will go to our project, but there will definitely be some part allocated, because, according to media reports and from sources from the Foreign Office, Belsat was particularly mentioned as one of the recipients,” Belsat TV deputy director Aleksy Dzikawicki said.

West unprepared for Kremlin information attacks

To split the American society, the Kremlin had a hand in political advertising on Facebook and creating fake Twitter accounts during the U.S presidential election. This tactic is also used during elections in European countries. Russians are the target of its aggressive rhetoric as well.

“When a bloody conflict started in Ukraine, the world repeatedly broached the subject of the necessity for creating alternative media outlets to counter Russian disinformation. But unfortunately, most intentions turned out to be just talk. The only country that has been lending strong support is Poland,” Dzikawicki stresses.

The Polish government announced PLN 20 mln would be allocated for Belsat’s activity and work in 2018; British partners are expected to share the best of the world journalism with us – there will be live broadcasts from the BBC studio.

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