#белсатжыві. Belsat TV solidarity campaign on web

The Polish authorities might be planning to cut Belsat TV budget for 2017 by two thirds, the country’s media say. Taking such a step would mean the end of the independent channel, its director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy believes.

Belarusian and foreign Internet users were not slow to respond to the report which has not been confirmed by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs yet.

“The best proof of Belsat TV effectiveness is the Belarusian authorities’s behaviour: over 9 years they have been pretending that the channel does not exist; they have been persecuting its journalists and contributors, but as a result, they have made it a stake in their political haggling. Its team has managed to develop the channel for the same amount of money that Russia Today spends during 5 days (!) of broadcast – or Russia’s TV station NTV correspondents have for their foreign T&E expenses. Do not bury Belsat! The game is not over! Now it is turn of Belarus’s civil society and Belsat viewers to show their loyalty and effectiveness,” one of our readers says.

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Everyone who would like to can send a letter of support to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the ruling party Law and Justice and to the office of the President of Poland.

Law and Justice Party: biuro@pis.org.pl

Мinistry of Foreign Affairs: rzecznik@msz.gov.pl

President’s Office: biuroprasowe@prezydent.pl


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