Two women dead in Slutsk cafe

According to the preliminary investigation, the cooks of the Slutsk cafe got poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The tragedy took place in a cafe on the Serpukhauskaya street. Two women who lived opposite the cafe were preparing food for friendly meeting, the place was closed to visitors. The bodies were found by a friend of one of the victims. She worked nearby.

Last night in the cafe was held an investigative experiment.

Now the cafe, opened in December 2015, has been sealed.

Yulia Hancharova, a spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee, said that a criminal case was launched:

“We are learning the technical documentation, which we have collected, we are interrogating witnesses. The criminal case was launched about the professional negligence that caused the death of two people.”

On January 27, carbon monoxide killed six people in Barysau. This version was confirmed the other day by the chairman of the Investigative Committee Ivan Naskevich:

“Based on our orders, relevant departments decided to check similar gas installations nationwide.”

One of the victims of the Slutsk tragedy is survived by two children who are now orphans, the second woman settled in their own apartment just a week ago.

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