Two Russian paratroopers drown during exercises in Crimea

Two Russian paratroopers drowned in Crimea when they landed into the water after parachute jumping on June, 26.

The exercises were carried out on Wednesday at the Stary Krym testing range.

“Two contract servicemen of a military unit of Russia’s Airborne Troops deployed to Crimea landed into the water and failed to get rid of a parachute harness,” state-run news news agency TASS reports with reference to the Southern Military District press service.

The rescue service tried to take steps to rescue them, but the servicemen drowned. Russia has announced carrying out a probe into the incident.

On June 24, a snap check of combat readiness kicked off in the Central Military District. It is another step in maintaining military security in Central Asia, the Russian top brass believe.

‘Terrorist threats’. Russia testing combat readiness in Central Asia, following TASS

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