Two Prosecutor General’s Office employees resign over repressions

Employees of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus Aleh Talerchyk and Eldar Safarau have left the agency due to protests in the country and disagreement with the position of the leadership, TUT.BY reports.

Aleh Talerchyk had worked in the Prosecutor’s Office for 19 years, of which nine years in the Prosecutor General’s Office. Prior to his dismissal, he served as a senior prosecutor of the Office for Supervision of the Implementation of the Law by the Investigative Committee. He did not wait for the 20-years of employment history, which entitles him to an increased pension.

“It was an internal exam for myself. I decided to tell about my decision in order to symbolically support the brave Belarusians who were subjected to repressions. As a professional in this situation, I, unfortunately, could not help them,” said Talerchyk.

According to him, the leadership did not interfere with his dismissal from service.

It was reported last week that Eldar Safarau, head of the state prosecution department, left the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Yes, I left the job. This is due to the events that took place in the spring and summer,” Safarau said confirming the information about his dismissal.

During the protests after the presidential elections in Belarus, the security forces repeatedly and violently dispersed peaceful rallies. They used stun grenades, firearms, batons, water cannons, and physical force. Thousands of people suffered. The detainees were severely beaten.

Investigative bodies of Belarus have received 1,800 applications from citizens who suffered during the protests. However, no criminal cases were initiated against the security officials. But more than a hundred criminal cases were opened due to threats against police officers.