Twenty-seven people die of surrogate alcohol in Minsk region in 2008

Ілюстратыўнае фота

According to the local police people died from the surrogates in 13 districts: Minsk, Smalyavichy, Barysau, Zhodzina, Maladzechna, Berazino, Vileika, Kletsk, Kapyl, Slutsk, Staubtsy, Uzda and Cherven.

Inspections showed that in most cases the cause of death was the use of surrogates containing methyl alcohol. The police said that we it was primarily windscreen washing liquid, as well as window washing liquids, antifreeze, solvent and perfumery.

“Car windshield cleaning liquid is particularly dangerous,” law enforcement officials said. In March 2018, it killed three residents of the village of Navaselle in the Minsk region. There are denaturing additives in the liquid — diethyl phthalate, which, if used inappropriately, can cause harm to human life and health.,

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