Business angel urges medics to tell the truth promising financial support

Business angel Kiryl Valoshyn, co-founder of,, Café Netto and other projects, has published a post on his Facebook page, urging Belarusian doctors to stop silencing the problems associated with the coronavirus epidemic. He also promised to shoulder all the costs.

According to Valoshyn, the real statistics on the number of patients and tests should not be known “only to families, work teams, and anonymous telegram channels, while the authorities with the Ministry of Health do not take appropriate measures, but also export masks to Russia and Germany”.

“I urge you not to let the system return us to the dark times of fear and kitchen truth,” he wrote.

He expressed indignation at the fact that just a few physicians decide to inform the press about the conditions of their work and unveil the real data on the epidemic. Mr Valoshyn urged them to submit the maximum number of appeals to government agencies, describing all the problems, and promised to cover the costs of preparing the appeals by qualified lawyers.

“I will also make every effort to ensure that the information you provide becomes available to the public and news portals. You only need to make a decision about public silence, send in any convenient form (text, audio-message) information about the problems to me on facebook, and after the preparation of the document by lawyers to put a signature (it will be great if your colleagues also supported you) under the appeal,” Valoshyn said.

During the coronavirus epidemic, the Belarusian doctors first faced the lack of protection gear, and then — the pressure of the leadership for talking with non-state media.

As of May 14th, more than 25 thousand cases of coronavirus were recorded in Belarus, while 151 infected patients died.