Tsikhanouskaya vows support for striking Belarusians

Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya has announced the possibility of granting guarantees to the strikers in the event of the authorities’ refusal to comply with People’s Ultimatum.

“If the conditions are not fulfilled, I will support each Belarusian joining the national strike on October 26. ‘Each’ means that the workers will share the responsibility with students, entrepreneurs, neighbours in the residential area, drivers, scientists, pensioners. I can guarantee that you will receive all possible support from the BySol Foundation if you face economic repression or lose your job,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

The politician also promised that if the opposition came to power, they would quash all fines imposed for non-payment of utility bills, as well as all administrative penalties.

“If you had to pay these fees and you have a document confirming that fact, the state will make compensation,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

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According to the former presidential candidate, after the restoration of the rule of law, everyone who lost their jobs due to participating in the protests will be reinstated with full seniority.

“The strike is our right to self-government. The sooner we take the situation into our own hands, the less violence the regime is able to commit and the sooner we restore order, law and fair elections in Belarus and, in addition, we return your friends and relatives – all those who were forced to leave the country,” Tsikhanouskaya added.

On October 13, Tsikhanouskaya’s team published the text of People’s Ultimatum they are going to issue to Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Belarusian officials. They strongly urge the regime to fulfil the following demands in the near future: Lukashenka’s announcing his resignation; putting an end to police violence in the streets; releasing all political prisoners.

“If our demands have not been met by October 25, the entire country will take to the streets to peacefully deliver People’s Ultimatum; on October 26, all enterprises will start striking, all roads will be blocked, there will be a massive drop in state shops’ sales. You have 13 days to fulfil three conditions. We have 13 days to get ready; and Belarusians will continue their peaceful and persistent protest during this period of time,” the statement reads

Two days later, the Belarusian authorities included Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya on the interstate wanted list under Article 361-3 of the Belarusian Criminal Code (‘calls for overthrowing the constitutional order’).

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