Tsikhanouskaya urges EU to introduce economic sanctions

Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya visited Sweden on November 18, where she met with the country’s leadership, the telegram channel of the ex-presidential candidate reports.

The politician met with the speaker of the Swedish parliament and leaders of the Swedish Foreign Ministry. She called on Sweden to redirect financial aid programs so that they would not go to the Lukashenka regime, but to civil society. The sum in question is € 24 million, which is planned to be allocated to help striking journalists, activists, human rights defenders and all initiatives fighting for the freedom of Belarus.

Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya in Sweden. Photo: t.me/tsikhanouskaya

At a meeting with Swedish parliamentarians, Tsikhanouskaya discussed support for a medium-term stabilization program ahead of the new elections in Belarus. This program – up to € 150 million – includes assistance to small businesses, workers, students and anyone who has been targeted.

Swedish MPs promised support in cancelling or moving the World Ice Hockey Championship from Belarus. They also promised to put pressure on businesses that continue to cooperate with the enterprises of the regime, where the strikers are being repressed.

Tsikhanouskaya said that she had sent the Taraikousky List to Brussels and called on the EU to impose sanctions, including economic ones, against enterprises associated with Lukashenka. On November 19, the EU consider this issue. Svyatlana emphasized that assistance to the civil society in Belarus and sanctions are very urgent issues.

At a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, they discussed the events at Belaruskali and Hrodna-Azot.

Svyatlana spoke about the the shutdown of water and heating in Novaya Baravaya. She called it state terror and called on Sweden to respond to crimes against humanity and impose new sanctions. The parties also discussed the murder of Raman Bandarenka, the destruction of the memorial in his honor and how the ambassadors of the diplomatic missions remaining in Belarus help and prevent such actions of the regime.

Newspapers of Sweden. Photo: nashaniva.by

Note that the sports newspapers of Sweden yesterday published stories about the murder of Bandarenka and the possible involvement of the head of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Dzmitry Baskau in this.