Tsikhanouskaya, Kavalkova and Latushka address European Parliament

Members of the Coordination Council Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Volha Kavalkova and Pavel Latushka recently spoke at a meeting of the European Parliament on international affairs. In their speeches, they spoke about the need for dialogue for the sake of the peaceful power transfer.

Svyatlana Tsikhanovskaya stressed that the EU countries should not recognize the legitimacy of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. According to her, the elections were rigged. Tsikhanovskaya also handed over to politicians from the EU a list of persons who are guilty of violations of the law.

“I have prepared a list of people who participated in the brutal suppression (of the protests after the presidential elections in Belarus). Sanctions can be applied to them in accordance with the European Magnitsky Act,” said Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Volha Kavalkova also called on the EU countries to impose sanctions against persons who are guilty of electoral fraud and involved in the violence and torture of Belarusians. In addition, she said that the Belarusian people will not accept the constitutional reform, which Lukashenka is now talking about and on which the Kremlin insists.

“For its implementation, the former President must resign. Lukashenka is simply incapable of having a dialogue with his people,” Volha Kavalkova said.

Pavel Latushka thinks the same way.

“But one cannot get away from endless discussions about constitutional reforms. This is all an attempt to blabber the situation. Just one example. Before the elections, Lukashenka promised to hold a local referendum in Brest on the issue of putting into operation hazardous battery production. In the city center. People believed and calmed down. There is still no referendum, and they want to put the plant into operation from October 1, 2020 by a strong-willed decision,” Pavel Latushka said in his speech.

In addition, the diplomat spoke about the torture and persecution of Belarusian citizens and called on the EU to express solidarity with the repression victims.