Tsikhanouskaya about Partisan March: ‘Belarusians will show again what solidarity is’

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Sunday’s Partisan March is to kick off at 2 pm (local time) in Minsk. The participants have announced marching from the centre of the city to Mahiliouskaya metro station along Partyzanski Avenue.

The protest rallies in Belarus have been underway for over two months. According to human rights activists’ estimates, more than 14,000 people have been detained in Belarus since the election day; many of them were beaten or tortured, some were raped. There are at least six death cases that are linked to the post-election protests. Over 350 persons are parties to criminal proceedings.

‘Freedom to People’:’Mother of Belarusian Revolution’ Nina Bahinskaya during Women’s March. Мinsk, 17 October 2020.
Photo: ТК / belsat.eu

In the run-up to the march, Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya said that the peaceful protest did have its effect. She also welcomed the release of lawyer Illya Saley from the KGB jail.

“We will stop only when each political prisoner is freed, when security forces start defending their people, when fair elections and the rule of law are back in Belarus. Until it happens, we will be protesting. At today’s march Belarusians will show again what solidarity is. And I support everyone who is going to attend the march,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

A day earlier, 51 people were detained during a march and a student rally, HRC Viasna reports.

Women’s March and Youth March held in Minsk
2020.10.18 01:16

Belsat TV has got many reports about paddy wagons’, water cannons’, other special vehicles’ heading to downtown Minsk on sunday morning.