Trump proposes to spend over $700 million to fight Russian influence in Europe and Asia

The U.S. Presidential Administration has proposed to allocate about $764 million to counteract “Russian influence”. Such funds are intended for European and Asian countries to strengthen common security and protect territorial integrity.

Donald Trump proposes to spend $763.8 million to help countries of Europe and Central Asia to counteract Russian influence. Some of the funds are intended to support the renunciation of Russian arms and reduce dependence on energy from Russia.

Among other things, Donald Trump believes that $24 million should be allocated to counteract “Russian disinformation and propaganda”.

The White House has developed a draft budget for fiscal year 2021, which starts in the United States in October this year. The document envisages revenues of $3.7 trillion and expenditures of $4.79 trillion.

The final budget of the country will be developed by the U.S. Congress, but the project of the presidential administration is used by legislators to determine the general priorities for spending public funds.