Trump after Iran’s backers. Belarus comes into picture

The United States will not let Iran have a nuclear bomb Donald Trump said at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. According to him, imposing more sanctions on the Iranian regime is not ruled out. And if some country or persons try to get around these sanctions, they may face grave consequences, Trump warned.

Every New Yorker seems to be quite clear on the importance of the UN General Assembly session. There are hundreds of politicians, the police, the Coast Guard and the whole army of reporters with attention to even minor detail. For example, the pictures and videos of the Russian delegation’s embarassment at the meeting with Federica Mogherini went viral: the head of EU diplomacy resolutely refused to taste the tea Russian representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya was trying to treat her to.

Journalists were not slow to put down the situation to the Skripal case. They also remembered polonium, which Russian security forces used to kill defector Alexander Litvinenko in London. But it is his first speech at a special briefing the UN Security Council that hit the viewership record. Donald Trump was very critical of authoritarian regimes.

“It is a great honour to be here today at this U.N. Security Council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent importance concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them,” he said.

First of all, Trump refered to al-Assad troops’ use chemical weapons during attacks on against residential areas. According to him, the weapons are provided by Moscow and Tehran. The US president recalled that American troops and their allies in NATO had already responded to previous chemical attacks on Syrian civilians.

“The Syrian regime’s butchery is enabled by Russia and Iran. The Iranian regime exports violence, terror, and turmoil. It illicitly procures sensitive items to advance its ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the Middle East,” he stressed.

In the run-up to the speech, the United States expanded the blacklist of companies that threaten their national security. 16 companies were sanctioned; sanctions, 12 of them are Russian firms involved in the military and industrial complex as well as IT field. According to Washington, they had a hand in Russia’s military aggression and hacking.

Interestingly, two blacklisted companies – Mohammad Ghassem Najafi and NILCO GROUP -were registered in Belarus. The both have headquarters in the building of National Olympic Committee in Minsk. NILCO GROUP company which also has offices in Moscow and Tehran engaged in international trade, transport and port services. The US side believes that Mohammad Ghassem Najafi and NILCO GROUP are participants in the Iranian missile program. It is the Iranian missile depots in Syria that are regularly bombed by Israel.

By the way, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Israel’s deconfliction mechanism with Russia will continue, as will Israel’s determination to act whenever necessary to prevent Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria and its efforts to transfer advance arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Lifting sanctions against Iran in 2015 was an ‘unexpected gift to the Iranian authorities’, Trump believes. In his opinion, it allowed them to increase the military budget by nearly 40%. Now Donald Trump promises to ‘correct mistakes of the previous administration’.

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