Train named after Skaryna running in Poland (PHOTO)

It is now possible to get from the Polish capital to the border by “Skaryna.” This name was given to a train running between Warsaw and Terespol, which lies on the border with Belarus.

Фота з Facebook Siarhiej Pieliasa
Photo from Siarhiej Pieliasa Facebook page

“St. Frantsishak Skaryna was born at the end of the XV century in Polatsk. He was a philosopher, physician, translator, writer, publishers and designers He translated the Bible from the Church Slavonic language to the ancient Belarusian. He studied in Krakow and worked in Prague, Kaliningrad and Vilnius, where he founded the first ever printing press in the history of the GDL. Skaryna died in the middle of the XVI century in Prague,” this is what was written about the train and the Skaryna’s persona in the Polish magazine “Z biegiem szyn.”

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