Tragedy in Stoubtsy: Tenth-former stabs teacher, student to death


On February 11, a 15-year-old resident of Stoubtsy who was armed with a knife attacked his teacher and fellow students in School Nr 2.

“A teacher and a teenager died. Two more under-age persons have been hospitalized,” Yauhen Sachak, a representative of Minsk Directorate of Interior, told TUT.BY.

Two hours after the tragedy, riot policemen detained Vadzim M., an alleged attacker and tenth-former at school Nr 2.


On Monday morning, the locals were in panic; they were afraid to leave their homes, Mikhail, a resident of Stoubtsy, told

“My mother has to collect her granddaughter from another school, but it is still unknown what one should do now. They say he stabbed a teacher in the morning, left, ran back into the class and stabbed a classmate who was sitting behind. But the information is unconfirmed,he said.

Investigative Committee Chairman Ivan Naskevich has taken charge of the case

Now the school is cordoned off, law enforcement officers are questioning witnesses. The attacked was preceded by a flare-up conflict, the Belarusian Investigative Committee reports.

(UPD) “According to preliminary information, the suspected tenthformer came to school at about 7:40 am. He left his briefcase and went out of the classroom. Then he returned and attacked the teacher of history црщ was to conduct a first class. Two classmates tried to stand for the teacher; they were injured. After that, the suspect ran out, entered another classroom and stabbed an eleventh-former, The student was killed,” Syarhei Kabakovich, a representative of the Investigative Committee, said.

By the moment, there have been no reports about motives or reasons that сould prompt the suspect to commit a crime.

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