Trade Ministry urging producers to stop raising prices


Trade Ministry encourages manufacturers and dealers to set “balanced” prices for socially important goods.

The statement was made to journalists by the Head of the Department of Economics, Finance and Prices of the Ministry of Trade Pavel Filipau.

“With the abolition of the administrative regulation of prices for socially important goods we urge trading companies and manufacturers to have a balanced approach to pricing policy, taking into account the real economic situation. Items should have the price for the consumers to be able to afford them,” Filipau said.

Regulation of prices for socially important goods was abolished on January 15, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers. At the same time, the Trade Ministry may still impose restrictions in case of a significant rise in prices for such products, but only for 90%.

“The market of food products is rich, the products of different price range is presented. This will loosen the administrative regulation. The decision was made also in the framework of the recommendations of international organizations after the negotiations held at the level of the government and other state bodies,” said Pavel Filipau.

The Trade Ministry reserves the right to limit the prices (up to 90 days) for:

– Rye bread and rye-wheat

– Meat (beef, pork, chicken and broiler chickens)

– Fresh chicken egg

– Pasteurized cow milk and yogurt from cow’s milk, sour cream, cottage cheese

– Baby food, BelTA

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