Top meeting in Singapore gets cancelled as Putin arrives late

On November 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Singapore. He was late as usual. As a result, the entire schedule of the day was broken, the meeting with Prime Minister Li Xian Lun did not take place.

The circumstances of the visit to Singapore are told in his article by the correspondent of the Kommersant newspaper Andrei Kolesnikov.

The plane of the Russian President flew to Singapore with a delay of 1.5 hours. According to Kolesnikov, Putin’s schedule could still be saved, but the registration procedure was delayed at the airport. At first, the president’s motorcade was not allowed to enter the aircraft, since, according to local rules, cars were only allowed to pass through if the aircraft had engines completely shut off, and the pilots did not know it. Then, the airport security service took a long time to inspect the Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov, who was greeting Putin.

As a result, Putin did not have time to negotiate with Singapore’s Prime Minister Li Xian Lun, who could not wait for the Russian president, since immediately after the meeting he was scheduled to attend the ASEAN summit. At the same time, at the talks between Putin and Li Xian Lun, the signing of numerous agreements was to take place, and after the negotiations — a general statement was to be given to the press.

It turned out that during the day Putin met only with Singapore’s President Halima Jacob, who does not have real power and performs representative functions. Halima Jacob received Putin in the presidential palace and gave a dinner in honor of the Russian delegation.

Putin’s meeting with Li Xiang Long took place the next day, November 14th.

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