Top election official: Polling stations to be closed at 8 pm with roadblocks set outside

As the chair of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna has reported on the air of Belarus 1 TV, the precinct commissions may set a checkpoint at the entrance to the polling stations.

“I would like to urge voters not to put off their visits to the polling stations and mostly come in the morning or evening hours. Because the opponents of the authorities have promised to get together crowds of people in the evening. This means that the precinct election commissions will establish a pass control and will let inside only as many voters as the number of ballots issued by commission members,” said the CEC chair.

She noted that there would be fewer members of election commissions in the evening, as some will go to peoples’ homes with portable boxes.

Yarmoshyna has warned that the polling stations will be closed at 8 pm, which means those willing to vote may not have time to come to the polling stations.

The CEC has published a report on the number of voters who came to the polling stations during the early voting. According to election officials, 41.7% of those eligible cast their vote on 4-8 August.

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