Top 5 dog and pony shows: How Belarus officials tried to please Lukashenka


Belarusian officials are so much in the awe of Alyaksandr Lukashenka that they often deceive him. Repeated and absurd attempts to give a demonstration of order and progress – without any reason – give clear evidence to that.

As a rule, Lukashenka is satisfied with faked realities. But sometimes the Belarusian leader does notice that they throw dust in his eyes. So it was during yesterday’s visit to Orsha Tool Factory on August, 13.

1. Beautiful fence for Alyaksandr Ryhoravich

This year, he has inspected Dzyarzhynsk district in Minsk region. Not to lose face, local officials painted a fence on the eve of his visit, but they did it in a slipshod manner.

2. Lukashenka hates puddles?

In June, the Belarusian city of Homiel was put on its toes in the run-up to arrival of the head of Belarus. Following the best traditions of the Soviet showing off, the authorities gave spit and polish to the city. Some workers had to change road bricks and plastering facades, while other were tasked with… drying puddles!

3. Deserted field

In 2011, as Lukashenka’s visit to a fodder mill in the town of Hlybokaye was scheduled, local officials put in order a deserted field near the plant. After being untouched for many years, it was ploughed. The next destination was the town of Pastavy; the head of the district decided to get ready, and ordered the subordinates to clean horns, hooves, tails of the cows at the farm; eliminate flies and treat unpleasant odours, as well as pull weeds in corn areas. The relevant document signed by the head of Pastavy District Executive Committee is available on the Internet.

4. ‘Right’ Rechytsa and ‘prosperous’ enterprises

The locals did their homework ahead of Lukashenka’s showing up at the town and drew his attention to its best sides. But what slipped under his radar?

5. Death case

In November 2017, the directorshipship of Homiel chemical plant sent Kiryl Ramanau, a driver at the paramilitary gas rescue team, to help in cleaning up the village of Bushauka (Buda-Kashalyova district) which the Belarusian leader was about to come to. However, putting a good shine on the village resulted in a tragedy – Ramanau fell onto the concrete floor and died.


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