To get into Russian market, you need to have ‘roof’

Belarusian milk products have received another blow from the Rosselkhoznadzor. While earlier the Russians found antibiotics, some other forbidden supplements, now they claim that the Belarusian products have a foreign origin.

Somehow such relations do not look like partnership or fraternity, as they have been labelled for many years both by Minsk and the Kremlin.

Belarusian economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk has commented on the situation.

“Many interests are intertwined in the milk. First of all, this is not only the Belarusian case. Obviously, to get into the Russian market with consumer and “sanctioned” goods on the Russian market, you need to have support or a “roof” from some serious organization. If this is FSB, it is one level, if it is FSB of the regional level, it is another “roof”. There may be other chiefs who would also like to earn money on this. So Belarusians are mediators here, Belarusians do something, but nobody will let ordinary Belarusians into the market, one has to have ties with,” Yaraslau Ramanchuk said.

Photo on the headband video Viktor Drachev / TASS / Forum

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