‘To be a Kurd means to fight’. Belsat TV report from Turkish Kurdistan (ENG video)


The authors of Belsat TV program ‘World and Us’ have made a special coverage from Turkey.

The Kurds is one of the world’s largest nations that has no own state. The areas inhabited by them are divided among four countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. And if in the three former countries the Kurdish people do have their own autonomy, Turkey does not recognize them as a nation at all. As the Kurds cannot accept it, they have been fighting for independence for decades. The conflict has recently flared up.

Journalists Syarhei Marchyk and Konrad Zagorski made a report from Turkish Kurdistan, where Ankara is squashing the uprising with the help of tanks and helicopters.

“The Turkish government states that the Kurdish nation does not exist. Over the past two years, President Erdogan says he wants one nation, one language, one religion, one flag and one culture. The government aims to create a society that is not interested in politics and art. That is why we created the Center For Kurdish Culture in our Mazıdagı. We want young people to come here, instead of wasting their time. We want them to express themselves through art and to protect their culture. It’s part of our resistance to the government’s policy,” former political prisoner Ramazan Güneş, a founder of the Center For Kurdish Culture in the city of Mazıdagı in Turkish Kurdistan, told Belsat TV.

“It is for this reason that the authorities sentenced me to two years in prison. I served the term. They are trying to stop us by exerting pressure; but can we live with it? They come and arrest us. Shouldn’t we respond to such acts? Naturally, we should, because we cannot leave it unanswered. Our leaders say the youth is the engine of a society. If the engine stops, the society will be such as the authorities want it to be,” he stressed.

According to Ramazan Güneş, Kurds are like roses – if someone tries to cut them, their thorns prick.

Is the Turkish nation in the majority in Turkey? How did the Kurds help Erdogan come to power and how did he deceive them? Why doesn’t 40-million Kurdish nation have their own state? Watch the interview with Witold Repetowicz, an expert on Middle East affairs:



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