Three anarchists detained at authorised May Day rally in Minsk

Three representatives of the Belarusian anarchist movement were detained during the authorised May Day rally in Minsk.

The event was organised by independent trade unions.

The detention was filmed by a Belsat TV crew. The video shows plainclothes people taking three anarchists to a blue minivan.

Interestingly, the anarchists were not given the floor at the rally.

“The rally was expected to be independent, but the people who wanted to speak, the anarchist, were not granted permission. They were about to comment on the problems in Belarus, political prisoners, <…> [The police] arrested those who refused to obey the system, to play by their rules, who would like to voice the real problems in Belarus,” Maryna Nasenka, the wife of anarchist Vyachaslau Kasinerau, said.

(UPD) Kasinerau was released on Tuesday evening. Two other detainees are being held in Tsentralny district police department of Minsk.

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