Thousands of women protest in Minsk with creative picket signs

Thousands of women have marched through the center of Minsk in a peaceful procession. They protested against electoral fraud, against violence of the security forces, and advocated the release of all political prisoners. They also prepared very beautiful signs. See for yourself in our photo story.

“328 is illegal”
“Country needs psychiatrists”
“If you won the election, why are women crying?”
“March of women dissatisfied with dictatorship”
“I’m selling all the videos to Netflix later”
“How to edit it?”
“I always have a cam on me”
“I’m shooting video for later”
“Who wants videos?”
“Will you also bring women from Russia?”
“Prostitutes are with people”
“How do I edit it?”
“Before that, my salary was enough for 3 days”
“Of Freaks and Men”
“Sasha, women are coming”
“”I am a mother”
“Better to be regular prostitute than political one”
“Woman wants to dance and a new female president”
“Wound stays with us”
“Patriarchy, you are done”
“Fight like a girl”
“You speak live Leo Tolstoy, but in fact you are Lukashenka”
“6th term, 66 years old…666 number of the beast”
“Who to send videos?”
“When injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty”
“Abs not prison bars”
“You can’t break us”
“Eyes can see, we can’t be silenced”
“I chose female president”
“Cool guys!”
“Get out!”
“Now I serve the people”
“Katz is our tranquilizer”
“We are not sheep”
“Unicorns against violence”