The Insider: Kremlin creating pro-Putin party in Belarus

The Insider has obtained documents claiming that Russia is going to fully intervene in the internal politics of Belarus. The Kremlin has prepared options for constitutional reform, and is also going to create a new political party.

The Insider has published documents from the President’s Office for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. It is headed by foreign intelligence General Vladimir Chernov. The first of these papers is “Operational strategy in the Republic of Belarus”. It was prepared in September 2020. Its authors write about the need to penetrate the governing bodies of all opposition structures in Belarus and about the formation of a base for a future party or political movement. In addition, we the paper talks about creating own channels for the dissemination of information, such as media, Telegram channels and YouTube channels.

The text of the speech (no one knows where) by General Chernov also came into possession of journalists. It talks about the need for constitutional reform and the transfer of power to the parliament, which will be as loyal to Russia as possible.

List of people involved in the work in Belarus. Photo: The Insider

The last document, which appeared at the disposal of the journalists, is the founding program of the puppet party “Right of the People”. Its creation has not yet been officially announced. Judging by the program, the Kremlin expects to divert discontent towards “constitutional reforms”, hoping that this will distract Belarusians from the fight against the stolen elections.

“We do not support violent revolutions and revolutionary transformations,” the program proclaims. “We are supporters of decisive reforms that will form solid conditions and mechanisms for prompting the dignity of citizens and the dignity of the Republic of Belarus”.

It becomes clear from the program that the Kremlin is planning the transition of Belarus to a parliamentary-presidential republic. In addition, there are plans for large-scale privatization of the public sector, “dismantling of censorship” and “respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual.”

The authors of The Insider emphasized the fact that the document shows many edits from Nikita Logovoy. Logovoy is a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University, and in social networks he actively supports opposition events and is photographed with the WRW flag.