The Independent: Russia quietly moves border further into occupied territory of Georgia

Russia has quietly moved one of its borders hundreds of metres further into Georgia, the influential British newspaper The Independent reports with reference to local media reports.

“Kremlin troops reportedly moved a border sign hundreds of yards further into occupied territory in South Ossetia last week, ahead of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the G20 summit,” The Independent’s author Lucy Pasha-Robinson says.

The Georgian side considers such move as a continuation of the so-called borderisation.

According to Georgia’s security agency, Russia’s illegal actions affected local farmers in the Gori Municipality.

Georgia’s leader Giorgi Margvelashvili expressed deep outrage over the Kremlin’s covert operation and urged the world to condemn the action.

“Georgia will use all diplomatic levers at its disposal to stop the creeping occupation,” the artlicle quotes him., following The Independent

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