The Fan: Belsat TV documentary awarded at Fact Art Festival

The movie directed by Andrey Kudzinenka has taken the 2nd place in the nomination Best Documentary Close to Reportage.

The Fact Act Festival was held on September 26-28 in the Polish city of Toruń.

English subtitles

The film tells the story of Belarusian Vasya the Pedestrian, a fan of Dynamo Brest football club. He ‘made’ five golden seasons, i.e. he never missed a game the team played in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2016. If the team has an away match, he goes there only on foot – with no hitchhiking, no money, but sleeping in the forest.

In 2016, he walked the distance of 4,470 km. Football saved him from prison and the road saves him from death. Vasya intuitively discovered a universal formula: if there is no hope and reason for being, one should walk.

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