Terrorist Strelkov-Girkin: Russia should admit being at war with Ukraine

Being interviewed by TV Anna News Russian subversive Igor Strelkov-Girkin aka ‘Strelok’ (Shooter) urged Russia not to ‘have head in the sand’ and admit that it is at war with Ukraine.

“We have been already fighting [against Ukraine]. One can have their head in the sand for a long time, but if a country sends volunteers, these volunteers – so far volunteers – go to war, and there is an area where they can fight, where arms and munition are given to them, this country is a warring country,” Strelkov, a former defense minister of the unrecognised Donetsk people’s republic, stated.

“But we are making a very strange war: we keep supplying oyr enemy with coal and electricity,” the former separatist leader said.

“I think Russia and Ukraine are unseparable. From my perspective, Ukraine was part of a united huge country and remains its part. That is why I consider the war in Ukraine as a war in Russia,” he added.

In April, 2014 the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) identified Igor Strelkov as the leader of the paramilitary group that took control of the eastern city of Sloviansk. Strelkov is a commanding officer of a Russian military intelligence unit. According to the SBU, Mr Strelkov arrived in Crimea at the beginning of March and began directing Russian troops and special forces to occupy Ukrainian military outposts and government buildings, orchestrated the kidnappings of Ukrainian soldiers, activists, other Ukrainian and foreign citizens.

Igor Strelkov-Girkin may be implicared in downing a Malaysian Airlines Boeing on July, 17. Soon after the horrible accident he stated that ‘some people were dead before the crash as bodies were not fresh.’


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