Territory of Truth on Belsat TV


Dozens of experts from Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine are taking part in heated but healthy debates on Belsat TV.

There will be political forecasts and economic diagnoses as well as in-depth analysis of Russian policy – what it will be like after the 2018 presidential election and what impact it will have on the neighbouring countries.

Paata Sheshelidze, President of Georgia’s New Economic School (L), Lithianian MP Laurynas Kasčiūnas (R)


Svyatlana Kalinkina


Syarhei Pelyasa (L), Yevgeny Kiselyov (C)

Territory of Truth is hosted by the journalist duo of Yevgeny Kiselyov and Svyatlana Kalinkina. Russian TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselyov, who was one of the founders ov TV station NTV, had to live Russia as he was facing a long-term imprisonment. His fellow is Svyatlana Kalinkina, a prominent Belarusian journalist and Belsat TV anchorwoman.

Yaraslau Ramanchuk, Director of Minsk Mises Center


Vladimir Milov, an economist from Russian opposition politician Navalny’s team

Security and defense; economics; politics; the ‘Russian World’ will be the topics for discussion at four episodes of Territory of Truth in Belsat TV studio.

The program will be released in Russian as it targets not only for Belarusian viewers, but the audience of Belarus and Russia’s neighbours, particularly the EaP and the Baltic countries.

“We would like to introduce for consideration of our viewers (not only those in Belarus) an alternative to the Russian point of view on the Kremlin’s policy. Moreover, we are giving an outlook for the coming years. People in Georgia and Lithuania will comprehend the Russian language of the show. This is our strategy – Belarusian remains the main language of the channel, but in order to reach a new audience, we make 2-3 shows in Russian. We should make progress, and our development has been already giving some effects. Our videos in Russian have hundreds of thousands views on Youtube; we have started cooperation with the British media giant BBC,” Syarhei Pelyasa, the editor of Territory of Truth, says.

The author of the project is Belsat TV deputy head Aleksy Dzikawicki. The visual dressing of the program was created by the reputed Belarusian artist Mikhal Anempadystau who passed away in January, 2018.

Territory of Truth will premiere on February 21 on Belsat TV and belsat.eu.


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