Terrible neighbour. Brest kids draw would-be battery factory


In spite of protests of local residents, a battery factory may be built near Brest by iPower company. Children’s drawings depicting a ‘terrible neighbour’ were sent to belsat.eu.

The residents of Khaby and Stymava villages near Brest are protesting against constructing the factory which will be located just a few kilometers from the regional centre. The villagers and environmentalists are sounding the alarm, but local officials promise that there will be about 200 new jobs at the new facility.

Brest residents fear that iPower factory which is expected to appear in the free economic zone ‘Brest’ will pose a serious threat to their health.

“Noxious emissions accumulate in the human body, but their effect will show up later,” one of them said.

However, the battery factory is not the only project that may be developed by iPower on this site.


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