Teenage girl threatened with criminal case for talking to ‘Belsat’

The 17-year-old girl from Vaukavysk, who during a protest in Minsk on July 3 gave a comment to “Belsat” has been threatened with criminal case, but it all ended up eith an administrative protocol.

Teenager’s Father Vasil Valashchuk told Human Rights Center “Viasna” that on July 13 his wife received a call at their landline from the Minsk police officer, who said his name was Andrei Ments. The policeman inquired about Vasil’s daughters saying that there was a criminal case started against her for being at the unsanctioned rally on July 3, 2017 and speaking against the authorities in an interview to correspondent of “Belsat”.

The policeman also demanded that the girl came to meet with him wihtin three days for explanations about her interview. He also threatened Vasil with a fine of up to 2 thousand rubles.

Vasil’s daughter was there all the time and fainted after hearing the threats. Her mother called an ambulance.

The girl’s father said that he was abroad at the time. He received a text message saying “Where is your daughter? Police business”. Vasil did not know the reasons for the messages and called the number from which the SMS came, but no-one answered the phone. He immediately returned to Vaukavysk, loosing his job abroad.

The case was transferred to the Vaukavysk police department. On August 2, Commission on Minorst reviewed the administrative case under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code and issued a warning to the girl.

Now Vasil Valashchuk, with the help of ‘Vyasna’ lawyers, has filed a statement to the police department of the Maskouski district of Minsk, requesting a review of the case handling and threats from the policeman, resulting in deteriorated state of health of his teenage daughter.

In the conversation with ‘Belsat’ journalist during the meeting on July 3, the girl said that people in Belarus are intimidated, but “staying at home will not help the country”. She also said that it was her first protest rally.


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