Talks underway to ease entrepreneurs’ problems


The Ministry of Economy held a regular meeting of the working group of the Public Advisory Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship.

Microshipment of goods worth no more than $1,000 without the bill of lading — this was the proposal made by individual entrepreneurs.

“It will be very good, if this proposal gets approved. Even the need for rallies will go away,” told “Belsat” leader of Vitsebsk entrepreneurs Iryna Yaskevich. – However, I cannot say exactly how often it will be possible to import such shipment.”

Another important issue that affects whether or not SPs will restart work or close down is the amnesty for traders who have received fines or confiscation of goods since July 2014, when the Decree 222 was enforced, and until January 2016. According to Iryna Yaskevich, this item is still discussed in the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

Deputy Economy Minister Iryna Kastsevich wanted to remove from the meeting the businessmen who signed the statement of “Perspective” on the abolition of the Decree 222. However, their participation was defended by their colleagues, other small traders.

The next meeting of the working group is scheduled for February 26 and March 1. Today, the BPF headquarters in Minsk will hold a meeting of Entrepreneurs’ Rescue Committee. On Sunday, February 28, SPs agreed to meet again on Kastrychnitskaya Square.

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