Syamashka accuses Russia of violating EAEC treaty

Uladzimir Syamashka, phot.TASS

The tax maneuver in the Russian oil industry violates the agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union, the ambassador of Belarus to Moscow Uladzimir Syamashka said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta“.

“This should not have happened, and when it did, it should have taken into account the interests of the Belarusian oil refining industry,” he explained.

МВФ ацаніў наступствы расейскага падатковага манеўру для Беларусі

Also, according to him, Belarus has difficulties with the supply of goods to the Russian market and the harmonization of energy prices. The ambassador noted that the Protocol on gas prices expires in 2019.

“We still cannot be sure what the new document will be,” he said, adding that the Russian side has not agreed to the Belarusian proposal.

Among the problems Syamashka mentioned were difficulties with the promotion of meat and dairy and other food products coming from Belarus to the Russian market, as well as problems with the supply of equipment to Russia. Unfortunately, these problems still remain unsolved.

Пуцін ратыфікаваў пратакол з Беларуссю ў нафтавай сферы

“We want equal conditions for economic entities. It is in this that we see the main purpose of integration. It is how we understand it,” the ambassador said.

Speaking about the possibility of deepening integration, he said that first it is necessary to faithfully implement the existing commitments, primarily in the economic field, and only then to thinking about the revision of the Union Treaty.

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