Svetlana Alexievich believed in Belarusianness after Nobel Prize – translator

Svetlana Alexiyevich, the holder of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature, is the real pride of our country. A fundraising campaign to release collector’s edition of the series Voices From Big Utopia has started on

Lohvinau Publishing House has worker on the series for two years. It includes the most famous and important works by the writer which could only occasionally be found in the Belarusian language in the past. Moreover, they were subject to the Soviet era censorship.

Now uncensored!

According to one of the translators, Andrey Khadanovich, it was hard not to spoil the works while translation, because Alexievich’s oeuvre is a good diagnosis to the society and the main purpose of her books is its recovery. To set the goal, translating her book into Belarusian was crucially needed.

“I think that after getting the Nobel Prize Svetlana believed that she was a Belarusian writer, and that is good. And Belarusian-language part of our culture [people who speak Belarusian – belsat] also should make a step to meet her,” he stressed.

It should be noted that five writers involved in the translation also proofread the work of others.

One will have the opportunity to order one of the books or the whole series in May.

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