Sugar coating: Belarusian town braced for Lukashenka’s appearance

phot. by Alyaksandr Chorny /

President is coming! The Belarusian town of Baranavichy is getting ready for Friday’s visit of Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

On March 20-21, municipal workers were spotted cleaning central streets and areas in Paunochny district.

Even thuyas that grow near the local Ice Palace were vacced, Intex-Press reports. Pot holes are being urgently patched; road surface marking is being refreshed.

phot. by Alyaksandr Chorny /

Intex-Press published a photo featuring a worker who washes an overpass connecting Paunochny district and the city centre:

phot. by Alyaksandr Chorny /

According to local drivers, the preparations in full swing, not only in Baranavichy, but well short of it as well.

“They are cleaning up along the M1, painting trash bins and border stones,” a reader informed Intex-Press.

phot. by Alyaksandr Chorny /

Savetski Avenue has been decorated with coloured ribbons; the porch of the executive committee building was being repolished even after the close of the business day, eyewitnesses say.

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