Belarus court finds minor guilty: revenge for revealing police abuse?

Belsat TV report from the trial

A Minsk court has passed a sentence on Alyaksandr Haruta who was accused of inflicting light bodily injury on a riot policeman.

The 17-year-old boy was found guilty and sentenced to a two-year term of supervised release, which was earlier sought by the public prosecutor.

The incident occurred on July 18. Mr Haruta and his friend drank a bit of vodka and then went for a walk. Soon they were detained and severely beaten by riot policemen. The minors were taken to a prison truck where the police officers urinated on them and threatened with rape.

Interestingly, riot policeman Aleh Sharko sued Alyaksandr Haruta only after the latter had brought the fact of police abuse to light. Sharko, who appeared in court as a victim, said the teenager had hit him.

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