Expert labels photographer’s work ‘non-creative’

Expert Andrei Chuprynski did not find photos of Anton Motolko “creative”.

This was announced on 4 August.

Andrei Chuprynski – Head of Cinematography Department of the Belarusian Academy of Arts an expert witness in court.

Andre Chuprynski believes that pictures of the northern lights made by Motolko are not subject to copyright law in Belarus.

Anton Motolko, the photographer, wrote in his Facebook that he expected such a conclusion from the expert who is “the only option for BT (Belarusian TV) to get away with their brazen theft.”

“In his conclusion, the expert is trying to say that almost any reportage photography is not subject to copyright, and that would mean that it is possible to steal it and not to ask permission. This is wrong,” wrote the photographer.

Together with his lawyer he will challenge the results of the examination. He is also looking for an expert who is “no less award-winning one” than Andrei Chuprynski. Such expert will come in handy if Motolko’s claim for re-examination is sustained.

On March 17, 2015 Anton Motolko took a few photos of rarely observed in Belarus Northern Lights. He published the photos in his blog, then he saw them on TV channel “Belarus 1”.

Anton Motolko never gave consent for the use of the images to the TV channel and therefore appealed to the court for compensation – he wants one ruble from TV channel BT1.

The first meeting took place on 9 July 2016. Then the judge sent photos to the examination to determine whether they are the result of “creative activity”. The copyright law protects only the products that are the result of creative activity.


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