Straight out of movie: Chilean gang steals $15 mln

Photo: JUAN GONZALEZ / Reuters / Forum

A group of armed persons robbed an armoured cash-in-transit van at the airport in the city of Santiago, El Mundo reports.

According to the Chilean police, the suspects who were going by two cars entered the terminal. Their target was the armored vehicle which was supposed to transport a large sum of money delivered to the country by one of the planes.

The robbers threatened guards with arms, took $14 mln and €1 mln and disappeared.

Over the recent years, it is not the first time that criminals have gone for the gain to the airport of the Chilean capital city. In 2014, assailants stole appr. $ 10 mln from the van that was parked there. In 2017, another gang walked away with $19 mln from a shipping company office.

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