Statkevich urged public to protest on July 7

The opposition politician Mikalai Statkevich has supported the idea of ​​the “European Belarus” activist Maksim Vinyarski to come to the Kastrychnitskaya square at 18:00 on July 7 to demand the release of all political prisoners and to protest against the “West-2017” military drill.

“The Council expresses support for rally, which will be held on July 7 in Minsk and demands the release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners without exception. We also speak out against the mass presence of foreign military at the exercises in September. We believe that they threaten the independence of Belarus and can involve our country in the armed conflict. The Council urges patriots to take advantage of all the opportunities created these days by the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to publicly state its position,” Statkevich wrote in his Facebook.

The idea to hold a rally on the Kastrychnitskaya Square on July 7 was originally proposed by Maksim Vinyarski.

On 3 July, political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich held a protest event in Minsk. There he announced new protests to be held in September.

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