State trade union forces its members to subscribe to its Facebook page

Belarusian Trade Union of Local Industry and Public Utilities has sent out a document to its primary organizations demanding that managers subscribe to its page on Facebook and urging members to put likes under the publications.

The photo of the document appeared in the TV-channel “Economy of Belarus”.

“In connection with the preparation of the materials for the Presidium of the FTU (State Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus) on the work of the trade union and its organizational structures in social networks,” we urge you to ensure subscription by 16.07,” reads the letter.

Also, Minsk Regional Trade Union of Local Industry and Public Utilities calls on the heads of cells to ensure the attendance of their pages and mandatory likes and reposts.

Particular attention is being paid to the news about changes in the Labor Code.

The trade union has confirmed the existence of the document. We asked about the reasons for the compulsory subscription.

“It’s an internal matter, and I’m not in the position to comment, especially on the phone. Write to our mailbox, we do not give comments over the phone,” Yulia Bekish, chief specialist in social and economic work told

At the moment, the page has only 156 subscribers, and almost all posts had not only regular ‘likes’ but also “evil” smiley reactions.

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